3 Key Components of Machine Shop Safety

February 23, 2022
3 Key Components of Machine Shop Safety

There are plenty of modern machine shops out there in the market that can get your manufacturing project done in little to no time. However, deciding where should take your patronage requires some research about the shop, factoring in things such as quality, pricing and also safety. Thus, before you start looking for machine shops near you, it’s vital to take these factors into consideration, particularly safety, for it can reveal a lot about the fabrication shop’s integrity.



3 safety measures that all machine shops must follow.


Adequate Training For Machinists

Experience and skills are the key components to ensure that the machinists of the shop can perform their tasks safely. To achieve this, the shop should emphasize consistent training, in both theoretical and practical aspects. Furthermore, the training must also be comprehensive and the skills of the machinists must be constantly reviewed often for further improvement. 


Cleanliness and Maintenance

Understandably, machine shops are known to produce a lot of scraps and clutter. However, excess disorganization is not only bad for the machine shop’s reputation, but it also becomes a significant safety hazard, especially in case of fires. To keep such potential hazards at bay, the shop should focus on keeping things clean, for it can also improve efficiency and lead to the manufacturing of quality parts. 


Use of Safety Gear

Machine shops also require machinists to use appropriate safety gear such as PPE kits that comprise gloves, steel-toed shoes, glasses and even respirators for specialized tasks. Apart from preventing workplace accidents, such emphasis on safety will also instil confidence in the client’s mind regarding qualitative aspects of the machine shop. 

Hence, along with a fast turnaround time and financial viability, it is also extremely important to keep safety in mind while selecting a machine shop. 

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