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Conventional machining in Toronto is still a very common way of producing machine parts, even if it doesn’t offer some of the advantages of CNC machining. At RWD Tool, we can provide both conventional and automated solutions in our modern machining shop in Toronto.


Manufacturing CNC machine parts in Toronto is a complex process with four stages. This blog post details the four stages of manufacturing quality CNC machine parts.


At RWD Tool, we have a high precision machine shop in Toronto comprised of state of the art CNC Milling, Lathe, EDM and grinding machines. With conventional and modern capabilities, we are capable of holding tolerances to within 50 millionths, finishes to 1 light band, turn components up to 22.00" in diameter X 36.00" long and mill components up to 32.00" x 32.00".


Precision machining in Toronto needs to have the right combination of precision machinery, skilled operators, and knowledge and experience in getting the best out of the equipment and the material. We look at the key factors that yield highly accurate parts, tight tolerances and precision machined results. And these are not the things you would have considered essential for precision machining in Toronto.


Precision in engineered products forms an integral part of today’s business, safety standards and quality of life. An experienced engineering team at a modern machine shop in Toronto can be a key asset for any company with large scale and demanding projects, especially if the work has to meet and exceed the required manufacturing and assembly standards.