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Conventional Machining can be used to differentiate between classic technologies from the newer, more modern pieces of equipment operated with CNC software which are now more commonly adopted by the industry.


The increasing competition in the manufacturing industry calls for high efficiency, speed, and precision in production. These essential factors in the manufacture of various products are realized through precision machining in Toronto.



Modern machining is an art best executed by specialist machinists; not every machining shop in Toronto has the precise machining expertise and technologies to properly manufacture your custom parts. It is essential to shop around for the manufacturer that best understands the needs of your business before putting in any orders.


Automation has become a crucial element of nearly every modern industry. The machines that help to run both large-scale manufacturing and small-time assembly processes must be both efficient and reliable. This is why precision machining is as big a deal as it is; its many benefits make it hugely appealing to industries of all sizes. Precision machining in Toronto is a vital aspect of RWD Tool & Machine for these reasons.


Every component of a structure or equipment, no matter how small, is very critical for the whole mechanism to work. It must be made with exact dimensions as designed without discounting even a millimeter. This is the primary reason why precision machining in Toronto is highly essential. It includes a variety of processes such as lathing, milling, boring, grinding, welding, and more. Machine shops can apply high precision machining to different types of materials including rubber, plastics, glass, leather, and metals. Along with the variations of processes and materials is the use of various equipment and tools as well for more efficiency.