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Precision machining has been retroactively named ‘subtractive manufacturing’ in light of the ‘additive manufacturing’ buzzwords. But there is nothing ‘subtractive’ about the precision machining in Toronto which adds value to your business through its high quality parts – and bats with your bottom lines with its efficient production techniques.


Proper and accurate machining in Toronto is very important to manufacturing, assembly and production enterprises, providing assembly that successfully fits any components together. With the help of conventional and CNC machining, interchangeable and intricate parts are made faster, with greater accuracy and at a lower cost due to less material waste and work time.


At RWD Tool & Machine, we produce top-of-the-line machine parts and products with quality, accuracy and efficiency.


Precision machinists are experts in the use of machining tools in order to produce custom precision metal as well as non-metal parts. When a customer comes to RWD Tool & Machine, the parts they order need to conform to exact, specific standards and need to be checked by precision measuring instruments, highly-trained personnel, and through the various regular checks we perform at our machine shop for the Toronto area. 


When you need custom machined parts, you’ll probably want to engage the services of experienced and professional machining in Toronto.