We Provide the Best CNC and Precision Machining in Toronto

We at RWD Tool and Machine are known for our remarkable CNC precision machining and assembly capabilities. Our technicians and professionals are skilled to help fully realize our client’s vision. Altogether, our dedicated employees work approximately 26,000 to 30,000 hours annually to ensure that we deliver the best quality CNC machining parts for your business needs. Additionally, all our services are subjected to a strict quality control process, so that there is no compromise on quality during precision machining and fabrication.


Here are some of the services offered in our CNC machining shop:

  • Cutting: This involves removing small portions of the initial workpiece by sawing, broaching and more.
  • Lathing: Workpieces are modified to specifications by rotating them at high speeds against a stationary tool.
  • Grinding: Similar to cutting but involves the use of a grinding wheel to shear off parts of the workpiece.
  • Milling: This involves the use of a rotating cutting tool to reshape the workpiece.
  • Welding: Fusing two or more workpieces together using filler materials to form a more complex part.
  • Drilling: Uses a sharp drill bit to cut and modify denser workpieces.

Materials We Work With

Being a proficient CNC machining shop, we are efficient in working on different kinds of raw materials. Here is a list of materials we can work with for your project:

  • Plastic
  • Hot-rolled steel (HRS)
  • Inconel 625/718
  • Titanium GR5
  • Tool steel
  • 17-4 PH
  • Aluminum
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel

Our Components

We manufacture top-quality parts in our CNC machining shop. Our products are mainly used in:

  • Geophysical, geochemical, and nuclear monitoring equipment
  • Chemical analyzers
  • Air and ground survey equipment for geophysical and environmental sciences
  • Food packaging equipment
  • Parking garage meters
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Office furniture manufacturing

CNC And Precision Machining

Our CNC machining and precision machining services are unparalleled in terms of quality and attention to detail. Thanks to our malleable process geared specifically towards each client, you can rest assured that with R.W.D., you will be receiving the best precision machining and CNC machining services in Toronto.

In many industries, there is little to no margin of error when it comes to manufacturing parts. For projects that require such close-tolerance finishes, CNC precision machining is the best choice. Our Precision machining and fabrication services consist of several processes such as milling, lathing, grinding, boring, and welding. We understand the sensitive nature of processing these parts, which needs to be extremely precise in accordance with client-sanctioned design specifications. This is why opting for CNC precision machining is essential and can make or break an important contract.

CNC machining is the preferred choice here as it delivers accurate results due to its automated process. No matter how skilled a technician is, there is always some margin of human error. Precision CNC machining eradicates this chance and produces defect-free parts. CNC machines are controlled by a computer program that delivers identical results each time it is executed, as long as the specifications remain the same. Thus, precision CNC machining results in consistent batch production of both simple and complex pieces, while not compromising on time.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Apart from offering CNC precision machining for both large and small production runs, we also manufacture custom pieces. During custom metal fabrication, our highly skilled technicians will carefully oversee the metal fabrication and machining processes to deliver the product that exactly meets your designs.

Overall, R.W.D. provides a range of metal fabrication services that showcase our diverse capabilities. From applying conventional machining tools to customizing every process to fit unique specifications, we promise to use our technical knowledge and state-of-the-art machinery to deliver exceptional results.

Our precision machining and fabrication process begins with an extensive consultation process, where we make sure to fully understand every aspect of your project. Throughout our design and fabrication process, we adhere strictly to your requirements and welcome you to be a part of the process, ensuring the final product fits your vision perfectly. Thanks to our versatile skill set, we can split the process where some parts which don’t require many modifications can be made using CNC machining, and for truly unique designs, our expert technicians will work in tandem with the automated machines, ensuring minimal downtime.

Other than manufacturing these parts using custom metal fabrication, we can also assemble these workpieces to form a coherent component according to your requirements.