About Us


RWD Tool is a versatile machine shop in Toronto, specializing in the manufacturing and assembly of custom machine parts. Be it shafts, bushings, standoffs, or inserts, RWD Tool is ready to cater to a variety of projects and provide you with the parts you need. Our machine shop in Toronto is regularly updated to ensure we always stay on top of the latest technologies, for the best, modern machine shops need to be ahead of the curve. Due to this work ethic, we have been able to successfully cater to key industrial sectors across Canada for decades. With advanced CNC machining capabilities used for processes like sawing, milling, turning, and grinding, the range of components that we can produce and assemble is virtually endless.

Due to our continuous dedication to quality and customer service, we have earned a reputation as one of the best machine shops in the region. Indeed, out of the many precision machine shops in Toronto, we stand out distinctly to be arguably the best machine shop. Thanks to our customer-first approach, pricing, strong communication and technical proficiency to meet and even exceed client expectations.

Machining Shop in Toronto

Our modern machine shop in Ontario has been fabricating made-to-order tools and machine parts for a diverse clientele in a wide range of industries since 1978. Hence if you are looking for a professional, highly competent, and efficient precision machine shop in Toronto, you have come to the right place. With our core tenets being accuracy, efficiency, and durability, we understand the importance of these values, which help provide a competitive edge to our customers. That’s why we undergo strict quality control procedures and ensure that our employees are highly qualified and capable of handling any job complexity.

our machinery

Moreover, our custom solutions are engineered to suit any requirements and we have foolproof mechanisms in place to prevent machine error or malfunction. Our adaptability also makes us obvious choices for both conventional and CNC machining, making us one of the most skilled machine shops in all of Ontario.

In conclusion, at R.W.D. Tool and Machine, Ltd. we create custom machine solutions that make our clients come back to us every time. Call us today to get started on your next big project or contract.