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About Us
R.W.D. Tool & Machine Ltd. - Leading Machine Shop in Toronto

RWD Tool is a versatile machine shop in Toronto. We specialize in manufacturing and assembly of custom machine parts. Be it shafts, bushings, standoffs or inserts, RWD Tool caters to any application and provides parts for a variety of tools and equipment models. With a machining shop in Toronto, we cater to key industrial sectors in Canada. With advanced CNC capabilities and processes like sawing, milling, turning, and grinding, the range of components that we can produce and assemble is virtually endless.

RWD Tool is proud of the capabilities its machine shop in Toronto can offer to customers. Our custom solutions are engineered to suit any requirements and foolproof your machinery against any backlashes and malfunctions. Each piece we manufacture is subjected to our strict quality control process to ensure that it meets and exceeds our clients' standards. At RWD Tool and Machine, Ltd., we don't sell products - we create custom machine solutions. For high quality results from a dedicated machine shop in the Toronto area call RWD Tool today.

Machining Shop in Toronto

Our machining shop in the Toronto, ON area (Concord) has been fabricating 100-percent made-to-order tool and machine parts for a diverse clientele in a wide range of industries since 1978. If you are looking for a quality-centered machining shop in Toronto you have come to the right place. Our core aims are accuracy, efficiency, and durability of machined components. We understand the value of these factors in helping customers maintain their competitive edge. That`s why we undergo strict quality control procedures and ensure that our professionals are highly qualified and capable of handling any job complexity. Our quality assurance is exactly what any of our customers need. We adhere to the most stringent internal and external quality assurance standards.