3 Most Common Assembly Process In Metal Fabrication

July 22, 2022
3 Most Common Assembly Process In Metal Fabrication

Due to technological advancements, metal fabrication has become widely popular and one of the easiest metal manufacturing methods in today's world. However, easy does not mean simple. Metal fabrication is still a complex procedure that has to be done carefully and under expert supervision. 

Many processes like cutting, turning, milling, drilling, assembly, etc., are required to fulfil the metal fabrication task. Reputed machine shops like RWD Tool & Machinery Ltd. do not compromise the quality of assembly methods and the end product. In this blog, we highlight various assembly techniques used in metal fabrication.



Here are 3 Most Common Assembly Processes In Metal Fabrication


Mechanical Assembly:

Assembly is the step where various parts are bound together by different means. Mechanical assembly, also known as hardware assembly, is a common assembly technique. In this method, parts of metals are fastened together using various types of hardware like bolts, nuts, screws, etc. Mechanical assembly is mostly followed for an assembly that is not permanent and needs maintenance or constant adjustments.


Weld Assembly:

Welding is another popular type of assembly technique. In welding assembly, two pieces of metal are fused with the help of a welding machine. Welding provides immense strength and is ideal for structural and permanent assemblies. Popular welding techniques include MIG, TIG, SMAW, FCAW, etc.


Rivet Assembly:

Riveting is a method similar to mechanical assembly in application and weld assembly in strength. A mechanical fastener comprising a head, a cylindrical stem, and a tail, called a "rivet", is used in this technique. This rivet acts as a joint between two metal parts and secures them. Riveting is a cheaper practice than welding. 

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