3 Tips To Minimize Metal Wastage In A Machine Shop

July 28, 2022
3 Tips To Minimize Metal Wastage In A Machine Shop

Metal fabrication and CNC machining are arguably the pillars of the modern-day mechanical industry. Many industries rely on these methods to save cost, achieve optimum results and increase productivity. A machine shop is where one can get these services done. 

Well-run machine shop like RWD Tool & Machine Ltd. is equipped with state-of-the-art tools, trained labourers and cutting-edge methods to cater to the client's specific requirements. However, a successful metal fabrication process does not just lie in manufacturing parts with accuracy but also in minimizing wastage. Check out a few tips to ensure minimal metal waste in your workshop.



Here are 3 Tips To Minimize Metal Wastage In A Machine Shop


Use CAD/CAM software:

No metal fabrication process can achieve the desired result without having an idea about the final design. The introduction of CAD (Computer-aided design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) has changed the face of metal fabrication. CAD and CAM have eliminated the need for blueprint designs hand-drawn by an engineer. 

This provides unmatched accuracy by guiding the tools only through the required parts of the workpiece. Thus, avoiding unwanted wastage of the raw material.


Use the right tool:

A machine shop should be able to undertake all sorts of projects for its clients. To meet the diverse requirements, the machine shop must possess all kinds of tools required for the metal fabrication process. 

To ensure minimum metal wastage, technicians must know what tool is right for what purpose. For example, using a drill bit to cut a piece of metal from a workpiece could result in wastage.


Provide adequate training to your staff:

Your staff must be well-trained and updated on the latest technology, tools and methods. This will increase accuracy while performing operations and result in minimum wastage.

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