4 Industries That Use Precision Machining

May 30, 2022
4 Industries That Use Precision Machining

Precision machining is the backbone of the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers rely on precision machining to create end products after removing excess raw materials from a workpiece. In simple words, a machinist takes a piece of raw material and crops it down to the desired shape or design with the help of precision machining.

It is a process carried out using CNC machining and involves cutting, milling, turning and various other steps. Many careful steps precede this process and qualified engineers are needed for the smooth and effective functioning of CNC machines. Since precision machining offers many perks, it has become a necessity across various industries.


Here Are 4 industries that use precision machining



The aerospace industry is all about precision. A small miscalculation at any step could result in irreversible consequences. Thus, precision is not an option but a need in this sector. The aviation industry uses precision machining to manufacture and design aircraft parts and components to ensure maximum safety.



The medical industry prioritizes precision over everything else as it involves the safety and the lives of patients. Precision machining is used to manufacture surgical tools and medical equipment with high accuracy. It is also used to design and manufacture complex parts for lasers and robotics that assist surgeons during surgery.



Manufacturing of automobile parts and components undoubtedly requires a high level of accuracy and uniformity. Precision machining assists engineers in manufacturing custom parts that are ideal for automobile design. Thanks to the use of CNC machines, precision machining helps the automotive industry in mass manufacturing. 


Oil and Gas:

The oil and gas industry requires seamless functioning. A disturbance to its operation could lead to heavy monetary loss. No compromise can be made when it comes to the parts and components involved in the oil and gas sector. Hence, this sector is largely dependent on precision machining to leave no margin for error.

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