5 Basic Tools Used By Machinists In a Machine Shop

August 22, 2022
5 Basic Tools Used By Machinists In a Machine Shop

A modern-day machine shop can undertake all kinds of projects ranging from basic welding and drilling to complex metal fabrication. A successful machine shop is a combination of efficient management, skilled labourers, and basic and advanced tools and equipment. In this blog, we highlight a few basic tools used by machinists in a machine shop.




CNC Machines:

CNC machining is the process in which machinists manufacture highly precise parts and components using computer codes. CNC machining is a must these days and every machine shop that undertakes metal fabrication must possess CNC machines. Basic types of CNC machines include lathes, routers, plasma cutters and 3D printers.



A caliper is one of the most basic and significant tools used by a machinist. It is used to measure the exact distance between two opposite sides of an object or a workpiece. The most common types of calipers include dial calipers and digital calipers.


Edge finder:

A machinist uses this tool to accurately align the machining tool with the center of a workpiece. It is also used to align the workpieces along the edges or markings. An edge finder is also a handy tool while using a CNC machine. It is also called a wobbler, wiggler or center-finder.


Scientific calculator:

Every machinist possesses a scientific calculator with sine, cos and tan. It is used for trigonometry and working out feeds and speeds.


Combination square set:

A machinist's toolbox will certainly have a combination square set. This tool is utilized to measure angles and lengths during the machining process. 

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