5 Reasons to Use Precision Machining and Fabrication

January 19, 2022
5 Reasons to Use Precision Machining and Fabrication

Precision machining and fabrication is an intricate process that involves machining components to close tolerances and very high levels of precision. It is often used to manufacture high-value components that require tight tolerances and clearances, used in industries such as aerospace, medical, and optometric industries. Due to the quality of the end products, this manufacturing technique is highly sought after by many businesses.

Here are five reasons behind the widespread demand for precision machining and fabrication.


Reduction In Human Errors

Precision machining is typically done by computer numerical control (CNC) machines. With the help of these machines, human errors are reduced because it is highly accurate and prevents the misalignment of cutting tools. It also makes it easier for fabricators to maintain the width and depth of a particular cut.


Easily-Repeatable Process

Precision machining and fabrication methods make production easy majorly due to their consistency. Achieving incredible accuracy on a continual basis is extremely vital and machines can be programmed to achieve this over and over again. This means that the machines can precisely make the same cut or weld at the same angle or depth with each iteration.


Reduction In Waste Materials

Precision machining and fabrication provide a more efficient manufacturing process, thereby reducing the number of waste materials. The process also minimizes scrap that is created by using special cutting tools.


Guaranteed Employee Safety

Not only does precision machining guarantee accuracy, but it also ensures shopfloor safety. These accurate CNC machines have several checks and safeguards in place that prevent the machinists from coming in contact with sharp tools, flying debris, and other hazards that are the norm in a manual fabrication workshop. 


Mass-Production Oriented

Precision machining tools are the best for mass production because they are designed to produce more accurate results with little turnaround time and easy repeatability. Hence, it can really boost production efficiency and thereby drive down manufacturing costs in the long run.

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