6 Tips To Get The Best Results From A Machine Shop

September 24, 2021
6 Tips To Get The Best Results From A Machine Shop

When you select a machine shop for a particular project, their fundamental role involves offering technical knowledge and top-notch machining equipment. As a client, your role is to make sure your designs provide the essential data to the technicians, so as to minimize revisions and unnecessary machining. 

Here are six ways to make sure you get optimal results from a machine shop.

Be Clear With Dimensions

For the best results, modern machine shop engineers must be clear regarding the dimensions of the product they need to manufacture. Therefore, your designs must highlight its dimensions in full detail. This clarity is particularly necessary for complex component designs.

Be Specific

Your construction lines must include centrelines for effective plane and symmetry axis definition. Plus, you may include centre mark and centre mark patterns for clarity. You must also define every thread location, size, and length.

Remove Unnecessary Machining

You should avoid designs that might need excess machining. For example, minimize designs that cut the majority of the surrounding material. In doing so, you optimize the project's material use too.

Limit Part Complexity

Complex components are useful if your design puts it in a key functional role. However, we recommend using a simpler design if it can accomplish the same job. Unnecessary part complexities extend machining time and resources.

Avoid Non-Threadable Holes

You can avoid non-threadable holes by asking for your machine shop's available threads. By doing this, you can efficiently revise your existing prototype design and speed up the entire machining process.

Make Your Schematics Legible

Lastly, make sure everything is legible. Don't add unnecessary measurement label details in your design schematics. Moreover, it is prudent to avoid adding designer text on the machined parts, as machine shops will take much more time to etch the text on your product.

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