6 Types of Cutting Tools Used In A CNC Machining Shop

August 31, 2022

CNC machining plays a significant role in the metal fabrication industry. The computerized mechanism of CNC machines facilitates unmatched precision. What makes CNC machines so versatile is the availability of endless cutting tool options. Check out some of the different types of cutting tools used in a CNC machining shop.



6 Types of Cutting Tools Used In A CNC Machining Shop


Drill bits:

Drill bits are one of the most common cutting tools used by machinists. It comes with a conical cutting point and a shaft with helical grooves running down the exterior of the tool. Drill bits are used to bore precise and small holes in the workpiece.



Reamers are used to enlarge the size of the existing holes created using a drill bit. Reamers provide dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances during the boring process.


Gear cutters:

Gear cutters are used in making gears for the manufacturing industries. Many varieties of equipment like spur gear, bevel gear, helical gear, worm gear, and screw gear can be fabricated using gear cutters.


Hollow mills:

A CNC machining shop uses hollow mills to create pre-thread diameters quickly, efficiently, and consistently. These are pipe-shaped cutting tools with three or more cutting edges that revolve around a cylindrical workpiece.


Thread mills:

Thread mills are cutting tools used for cutting threads. A CNC machine fitted with thread mills can cut both internal and external threads. Thread mills are ideal if you require them to penetrate hard metals or asymmetrical parts.


Fly cutter:

A machinist depends on fly cutters to create a smooth surface finish. They are single-point rotary tools that produce broad or shallow cuts. Fly cutters are relatively inexpensive and ideal for plane surfacing applications.

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