Best Maintenance Routine for CNC Machine Parts

December 08, 2021
Best Maintenance Routine for CNC Machine Parts

CNC machining is now a fundamental part of the manufacturing field as it drastically reduces turnaround time and manual efforts. Due to their importance, all parts of the CNC machine operate every day and are consistently subjected to intense workloads. Therefore, some parts of the machine that are prone to repairs require frequent maintenance to ensure that they're functioning optimally. However, it isn’t possible to run maintenance diagnostics for all parts on a daily basis, as it costs valuable time and resources while affecting machine availability.

To help, here are a few pointers on maintaining CNC machine parts and their frequency.

Daily Checks

Daily checks should be done after the end of a shift and they can be surface-level inspections that only require a small amount of cleaning, adjustment, and observation. These checks typically include the following:

  • Thorough surface wipedowns that can reveal component functionality issues

  • Lubrication level checks that will allow employees to refill the lube canisters regularly

  • Cooling system inspections to ensure that employees can use the equipment without any overheating risk

  • Chuck and hydraulic pressure check to ensure the machines can perform their functions well and automatically

  • Proper component greasing to prevent any possible costly grinding damages


Weekly Tests

Examining your machines every week gives you much more time to perform a deeper inspection while following a similar routine to your daily maintenance. It essentially involves performing the same daily inspection, but much more thoroughly.




Have a specialist thoroughly inspect your machines twice a year. Manufacturer-recommended technicians are the best choice for bi-annual checks because of their certification and knowledge in handling the tasks. Here are some of their typical procedures:

  • Draining and replacing the hydraulic oil.

  • Jaw and chuck cleaning.

  • Coolant tank sludge removal.

  • Machine level measurement and adjustments.

  • Suction filter and line inspections, alignment, and adjustments.

To conclude, if you follow this maintenance schedule, then you will be able to keep your CNC machines in top shape without compromising on productivity. 

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