Comparing Precision Machining with Conventional Machining

April 13, 2020
Comparing Precision Machining with Conventional Machining

Different industrial businesses are all searching for the best precision machining in Toronto to help fulfill their need for components with extremely tight tolerances. It takes different machining processes and tools to get the desired shape and dimension for each part, meaning this is an extremely precise and difficult process. While it may seem tedious, precision machining in Toronto is experiencing a boom thanks to increased expertise and demand.


Today, we go over what makes precision machining so special:


Precise Results from CNC Machining

Precision machining includes different processes such as cutting, milling, lathing, grinding, boring, and welding. The right machining process produces the desired design and accurate dimensions.  Careful consideration is a must since any angle or sides that are not sized precisely can affect the overall function of the part and might cause failure of the equipment or structure.


CNC machining thrives on automation.  Since it reduces the chance of human error, precision machining is capable of producing defect-free parts. CNC machines are able to easily retrieve the design once it is loaded into the CNC machining software and perfectly execute all the measurements specified. Duplicates are then easily produced, with virtually no deviation from the original design.


CNC machines are also flexible as they can work with a variety of materials such as plastic, aluminum, steel, and titanium, among others.


What About Conventional Machining?

While CNC machines are ideal for both small and large production volumes, they need reprogramming when producing custom pieces. For this reason, precise but small parts are ideally performed by a highly skilled technician using conventional methods of machining.


Considering the benefits of precision machining, it is vital that every machine shop acquires the machinery and skill it takes to be the best at precision machining in Toronto. RWD Tool is your go-to machine shop for all your precision machining needs. Our dedicated employees ensure that we deliver the best machining services in Toronto. In addition, all our CNC machining services undergo a strict quality control process to satisfy our clients.