Components of a CNC machining system

January 24, 2017

Components of a CNC machining system

A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system offers advanced pro-combinational skill and technology that is controlled and managed through a coded alpha-numeric system. At its base, a CNC system consists of five components with functionality that is blended into a synchronous system. Computer programmed data is then used to control and run the operations of a CNC system. Every specialist of CNC machine parts in Toronto understands the components and their essence in making the machining process a success.

Input devices

With a CNC system being controlled and managed through a specialty system, it is necessary to have an effective way of coordinating the pre-programmed data with the designed system. These input devices include flash disks, compact discs, and other modern data transfer components.

The Machining Component

This is a high accuracy system that allows for the machining of the end products. It also encapsulates the cutting spindles and the systems controlling the machining parts. As a critical component of the CNC machine parts in Toronto, the processing component responds to the pre-programmed (coded) computer aided control logic.  

Machine Control Unit

At the heart of the CNC system is a high value logic control panel consisting of the data processing unit (DPU) and a control loop unit (CLU). The DPU component allows for effective reception and decoding of the programs. Once decoded into machine language, the interpolator resting on the DPU calculates the exact positions of the cutting spindles. Once interpreted, the decoded data is relayed to the CLU as electrical signals. The machining parts of the device then initiates a motion in respect of the relayed signals.

Driving system

Another critical component of a CNC machine is the driving system that responds to the pre-programmed instructions by allowing for the cutting of the end products into shape and design. In its most simple form, the driving system consists of several control motors whose rotation determines the movement of the cutting spindle.

Feedback device

For a CNC system to operate effectively, there is need to relay feedback about the various processes during and after every process is completed. The feedback devices include linear transducers and direct position scales and encoders.

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