Conventional Parts in Toronto CNC Machining Versus 3D Printing

November 11, 2016

Among the most recent developments in the fabrication industry is 3D printing technology - which comes close to matching CNC machining. In a sense, CNC machining is a subtractive technology that involves the removal of unwanted parts. On the other hand, 3D printing is an additive technology where fresh materials are combined to come up with the final product. As a result, CNC machining relies on computer modelling software that can offer multi-dimensional cutting of the materials into shape. In building advanced and high precision components, conventional parts in Toronto can be effectively used with CNC mills.

A cross-examination of CNC machining against 3D printing indicates a high number of possibilities of materials on which it can be used. This compares to 3D printing that relies solely on the use of thermal plastics such as PLA, nylon, ABS and resins in creating the desired end products. The variety of CNC machine feeds include metals, wood, alloys, leather, plastics and wood among others. For conventional parts in Toronto, CNC milling is recommended as advanced materials are used.

With CNC mills operating under the control of a high capacity board, their accuracy is comparatively higher than that of 3D printers. In fact, the average accuracy of CNC mills is 0.01mm or higher, while that of 3D printers stretches from 0.02mm or lower. As a result, CNC mills can be effectively used in creating higher than conventional parts in Toronto.

Though highly dependent on the materials being cut, CNC machines are noisier and have higher vibration than 3D printers. In fact, cutting think metal or wood blocks can be deafening, especially if not handled with good protection gear on the ears. To the contrary, 3D printers can operate silently, especially when properly caged in sound protective casings.

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