Criteria for Selecting the Best Machining Shop in Toronto

August 12, 2019
Criteria for Selecting the Best Machining Shop in Toronto

It is known that the cornerstone of success to every metal fabrication project is contingent upon the quality shown during the machining process. Naturally, it would then be wise to pick the most capable shop when looking to outsource your projects.


This post aims to help exactly on this front by helping you to have defined goals and more confidence when it comes to selecting the right machining shop in Toronto.


Here are the key elements you should measure all potential machine shops against:


Pedigree of Quality

Products for fabrications projects can vary in their complexity, precision, turnaround times, and specifications. These aspects can significantly vary when working on projects in the same sector, let alone different industries. This is why it is in your best interest to become familiar with the company’s track record with whom you are looking to work with – having the proven capacity, testimonials, and portfolio of work can show the capabilities of the machining shop beyond reasonable doubt, making your decision easier.


Client Evaluations

While the machine shop themselves can provide a fantastic roadmap for you around their journey in the machining business and highlighting their best work, sometimes, it is necessary to do some digging yourself.

Get to know their area of expertise and source out reviews and recommendations through independent third-party sites or even through contacts you may know in industry. This can help give a birds-eye view on the selection process as information from one source can make your perspective seem forced.


A Suitable Facility

Finally, having the raw materials, machinery, manpower, and space are vital in ensuring your project can be seen through to completion, especially when looking for a machining shop in Toronto to house your bulk orders. These large-scale facilities have many safeguards in place for dealing with unforeseen consequences or downtime that are known to occur in machine shops; helping to keep your project on track for delivery.


For example, the machine shop here at RWD Tool and Machine spans across 15,000 square feet – allowing us to maintain strict dedications to quality expected by our clients and ourselves for over 40 years.


Our machining shop in Toronto has been built from the ground up to handle whatever project you throw our way; our facility is home to state-of-the art CNC machining machinery, from multiple CNC lathes and Mills to more conventional machining technologies handled by our in-house skilled technicians, our machining shop in Toronto is dedicated to keeping your business on the leading-edge.