Enhancing the Unique Properties of a Machined Part

February 23, 2021
Enhancing the Unique Properties of a Machined Part

When your project needs custom machined parts, then you have to engage the services of a machine shop in Toronto. The sizes and shapes of parts can vary from very little pieces to large assemblies. Machine shops are usually equipped with all sorts of machinery that enable them to work on any job, no matter how complex and intricate the parts can get. Machining in Toronto means the removal of material from a workpiece and there are various processes involved to do it. Each of them has a significant role in how a part is being manufactured and enhances its unique properties. The two most commonly applied processes are milling and turning. 





This machining process uses rotating cutters to remove excess material. A milling machine usually comes with a moveable table on which the workpiece is placed. In most cases, it’s the table that moves the material to achieve the desired cuts while the cutting tools are stationary. There are other milling machines though where both the tools and table are movable. They feature either horizontal or vertical cutters. They’re considered to be the most versatile equipment used in a machine shop in Toronto as they can perform different operations such as cutting, routing, planing, rebating, die-sinking and more.



This is done by a cutting tool called a lathe, which spins the part as the blade cuts and scrapes the desired shape. It works along two axes to create cuts with very precise depths and diameter. Lathes come in two types: the traditional or the manual type, and the automated CNC type. This machining can be done on the exterior or interior of a workpiece. The turning on the inside is called boring, which is suited perfectly in creating tubular parts. The other one is known as facing, which can only be used when the lathe has a fitted cross-slide. When it comes to creating cylindrical holes using drill bits, the process is similar but it’s called drilling. 


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