Four Commonly Used CNC Machining Techniques in Toronto

November 25, 2021
Four Commonly Used CNC Machining Techniques in Toronto

Automation of manufacturing units in the last few decades has been possible mainly because of CNC machines. Computers control these machines to do a wide variety of tasks. Thus, offering a level of accuracy and pace that is unmatched. The widespread application of CNC machining in Toronto makes it one of the integral aspects of many industries. 

Common types of CNC machining methods in Toronto


​CNC lathes

These machines make use of indexable tools to cut workpieces. Manual lathes cannot achieve the precision offered by CNC lathes. In computer numeric controlled lathes, the workpiece is clamped and rotated with the help of the main spindle. The tools usually move on two axes. However, CNC lathes with tools capable of moving on more than two axes are also available.


CNC plasma cutter

CNC plasma cutter can cut through hard material like steel with precision. This type of CNC machining is quite popular among several industries. The plasma cutter uses gas torches to cut through the material. This is one of the most used CNC machines in Toronto. Plasma cutters use compressed air blown out of nozzles for achieving precision machining. 


CNC mill

Vertical and horizontal milling machines are two of the most used CNC machines in Toronto. These machines are used for drilling and cutting workpieces with high accuracy. CNC mills are also known as machining centers. 


Water jet cutter

As the name suggests, high-pressure water discharged through a nozzle is used to cut material in this type of CNC machine. Packaging plants, ceramic industry, and glass manufacturing units widely use water jet CNC machines. 

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