Functions of 8 Major CNC Machine Parts

April 21, 2021
Functions of 8 Major CNC Machine Parts

The invention of CNC machines has been a real game changer in the machining industry. Known to perform complex mechanical processes like drilling, milling, and cutting with great accuracy and minimal supervision, these computer operated machines are widely used across major OEMs.

Apart from the computer program that controls the operation of a CNC machine, there are other lesser-known CNC machine parts in Toronto that contribute towards its precision and accuracy. 

Let’s explore 8 major CNC Machine Parts and their functions:

  1. Bed:This part of the CNC machine carries the workpiece that needs to be sheared or drilled. It is made of hardened material to withstand the impact of the tool turret while the latter alters the workpiece.  
  2. Headstock: This is a crucial component of a CNC machine that carries the motor to drive the spindle.The spindle is attached to the workpiece with the help of chuck. In a way, the headstock is responsible for the movement of the workpiece across the machine.   

  3. Tailstock: One can find the tailstock on the opposite end of the headstock. It is used to provide that additional force on a long slender workpiece through extra grip from the other end.   

  4. Tailstock quill: The tailstock quill controls the forward or backward movement of tailstock so that the latter can reach the end of the workpiece.

  5. Foot switch or pedal: There are two foot pedals that the CNC operator uses to control the grip of the chuck and the movement of the tailstock quill. 

  6. Chuck: Connected to the spindle driven by headstock motor, a chuck is used to grip the workpiece from one end. The grip of the chuck is controlled by the foot switch. 

  7. Control panel: Considered to be the brain of CNC machines, control panel allows the CNC operators to manage all the moving parts of the machine. Control panel also stores the computer program designed to operate the CNC machine.   

  8. Tool turret: A tool turret carries various tools that are needed to alter the workpiece. Depending on the nature of work, different designs of tool turrets are used to bear tools needed for operation.    

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