How Custom CNC Machine Parts Are Created

March 24, 2021
How Custom CNC Machine Parts Are Created

Machining facilities are responsible for making custom CNC machine parts in Toronto. Their work has to be exceptional in order to properly cater to the diverse needs of industries in the area. There are various processes involved in precision machining, wherein different cutting tools are used to make the final product. Moreover, there are also different kinds of CNC machines utilized to achieve various shapes, cuts, and to work with different materials or thicknesses. These include horizontal milling machines, vertical milling machines, as well as lathes.

In order to satisfactorily make custom CNC machine parts in Toronto, your technicians will have to master a number of different skills.


There are different programs that can be employed to regulate the machine, such as CAM and CAD programs. When it comes to producing the geometry required, the CNC computer regulates the speed and the feed rates of the tools to create the part. As for material selection, it has to be established early on in the project cycle so that you can have a clear idea of the total cost of your project and understanding its functionalities and applications. This includes defining the properties of the required materials, such as their chemical resistance, hardness, rigidity, thermal stability, and so on.


In terms of parts complexity, if it is possible to machine the part through two axes only, then the machining process becomes faster and thus, reduces the overall cost. Conversely, if the part is more complicated, such as having various faces and contoured geometry, this can add to the total cost of the manufacturing time and process of cutting the component. The rule of thumb in reducing the overall cost of creating complex custom CNC machine parts in Toronto is to design using only two axes cuts as much as possible.


Ultimately, if the part can’t be machined using only two axes, five-axis machining is also available. This technology means that the machine can be moved up to five coordinated movements around multiple axes. It enables shops to obtain a more efficient production of custom CNC machine parts in Toronto by providing faster cutting speeds, creating more efficient tool paths, and attaining better finishes.


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