How to be a Cutting Edge Machining Shop in Toronto

April 27, 2016

How to be a Cutting Edge Machining Shop in Toronto

Every modern machining shop in Toronto places priority on the quality of its metal cutting tools. Keeping tools up to date ensures efficiency and reduces costs. When it comes to high speed machining, paying particular attention to tools with fast metal removal rates is key to success. Capable cutting tools are defined by accuracy and precision. The personnel who work the tools, whether manual or CNC, are a defining feature of a quality Toronto machining shop. They must be able to take on any project with knowledge and expertise.

The speed of machining can vary significantly depending on the tools used for cutting, lathing, grinding, drilling, and milling. Toughness or ductility, the resistance to fracture, is a performance criteria looked at to determine various quality attributes. Thermal hardness, or resistance to heat, is vital to functional high speed tools since they have a tendency to get very hot. Tools with applied surface treatments are able to perform to a higher expectation than they normally would. Surface treatment coatings range depending on their intended purpose. For example, titanium nitride treatment significantly extends the life of certain cutting tools by making them less prone to damage when operating at high speed.

Cutting tool materials can be graded into categories based on toughness and thermal characteristics. Materials like high speed steel are favored when optimum hardness is desired in a cutting tool, whereas ceramics and diamond-coated cutters are used when high heat resistance is needed. Cemented carbide is preferred for many tasks because it retains its hardness even when exposed to elevated temperatures, therefore greater speeds can be achieved. High carbon steel was once popular in machining, but is slowly being phased out for its more dependable counterparts. Each material has its associated advantages and disadvantages, and an experienced machinist knows how to choose the right tool for the job. It is a trait that sets a reputable Toronto machining shop apart from its competition.