Machine Shop Safety Tips

May 09, 2019
Machine Shop Safety Tips

In any manufacturing facility, safety is always a top priority. A machine shop holds many potential threats if proper safety procedures aren’t followed. Here’s a guide detailing some of the standard safety practices a machining shop in Toronto adheres to.


Wear Protective Equipment

It’s extremely important to always wear appropriate equipment in a machine shop. Machines that are capable of cutting and forming metal are deadly and can cause serious injuries. Goggles, gloves, and respirators are the most important types of equipment that every machine shop requires its workers to wear. Flying debris, sparks, chemicals, and fumes are all commonplace in a machine shop, thus workers need to be adequately shielded from these hazards.


Don’t Wear Inappropriate Clothing

It’s important to remember that inappropriate clothing can be considered a hazard. Loose fitting clothing and open-toed shoes are unacceptable. Loose fitted clothing is susceptible to getting caught and trapped in a machine, and open-toed shoes completely expose a body part to various hazards. A machining shop in Toronto has zero tolerance for inappropriate attire. Workers in Toronto are all required to wear proper protective equipment and to refrain from wearing anything considered hazardous.


Use Machines Properly

There are many instances when machines will feel slow and sluggish depending on the task at hand. Regardless of how slow the task may feel, it’s important to never force the machine to do something for the sake of doing it faster. Be patient, or else there’s a high chance of a malfunction or accident.


Maintain a Clean Facility

Paths between machines and exits should always be clear or any obstacles. Additionally, workspaces should also be free of any clutter and mess. In the event of an emergency or evacuation, a clean facility will allow workers to easily maneuver rather than tumble around and receive further injuries.


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