Machines That Incorporate The Use of CNC Systems

September 01, 2020
Machines That Incorporate The Use of CNC Systems

If complex cuts at various angles and levels on a part used to be impossible before, the use of CNC machines has made it very possible within just minutes. As long as they are programmed with the right code, CNC machine parts in Toronto will be the best option to do the task. A product of technological value emerges after the machining process with everything coded according to design. The earliest CNC machines dated back to the 1940s whose mechanisms were enhanced from the use of analog to digital computers, which ultimately led to the advent of CNC machining. 


Nowadays, most CNC machine parts in Toronto are created using the common processes of laser cutting, welding, and hole-punching

The widely used machines that integrate the use of CNC systems include the following:


Parts are cut in a circular way through lathe machines. The adoption of CNC technology enables the cuts made through lathes to be even more precise and in high velocity. They are used to manufacture complicated product designs that are almost impossible to be run manually. 

Water jet cutters:

Water jets are the machines employed to cut hard materials using highly-pressurized water but in some cases, the water is combined with abrasive materials such as sand. CNC machine parts are usually shaped through this tool. They are perfect to use for materials that can’t deal with high-heat processes. 

Plasma cutters:

A plasma torch is often utilized to cut metal materials. In order to achieve the heat and speed needed to cut machine parts, plasma is generated with a combination of electrical arcs and compressed air gas.

CNC mills:

CNC milling machines are very capable of handling number and letter-based prompts. The G-code is the common programming used for a CNC mill, or it can be another computer language. The regular mills work with a three-axis system while newer versions can have three more axes. 

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