Modern Trends for Machining Toronto Industries

June 29, 2016

Machining in Toronto is a highly competitive field. In order to figure out where to get the best machining services, you need to be familiar with the industry. A broad range of methods and techniques are being undertaken by shops specializing in machining in Toronto to ensure that the processes become more cost effective for industries. Classic machining methods such as cutting, lathing, welding, grinding, milling, and drilling are used in conjunction with modern technological methods to eliminate downtime and error. During the material removal process, unwanted material is removed with these various techniques to achieve a desired shape, size, and complexity.

Machining vs. Die Casting - Which is the Better Choice?

When researching machining in Toronto, it is advisable not to compromise the quality of a product in favor of savings. Considering the tooling costs as well as the setup time to create complex contours, machining has been thought to be cost prohibitive for large volume production. Machining is often employed when there is a need for a prototype that will be used in the fabrication of a part. However, modern CNC technology has revolutionized and streamlined the process, enabling machining in Toronto to be done at a faster rate with a lower margin of error.

The Effects of Technology on Machining

Modern technological developments have allowed tight tolerances on machined parts. With the development of computer numerical technology, traditional machining tools can work through a program of instructions that are fed into a controller. Some of the more common machining tools that can be integrated with computer numerical control (CNC) technology include lathes, milling machines, and drilling machines. In order to ensure quality and accuracy, the CNC machine must be operated by a skilled technician. CNC machines are designed to ensure accuracy and precision, reducing production time and enabling a shop to stay competitive in the Toronto machining market.