Parts Assembly Toronto – Diversity in Welding Technology

June 16, 2016

If you are looking for parts assembly in Toronto and the GTA, contact RWD Tool & Machine LTD. Our experienced staff excel in machining services. There are a lot of processes to choose from when considering parts assembly in Toronto and picking one can be challenging. There are many options to choose from such as heat and friction, adhesive methods, and mechanical fasteners – all of these present diverse advantages. While traditional welding is the most popular method for parts assembly in Toronto, there are emerging alternatives. When it comes to parts assembly methods in Toronto, there are several technologies at one’s disposal such as spin welding, laser welding, ultrasonic welding, thermal processing, vibration welding, and hot plate welding. Each of these technologies are designed for specific applications, thus the need to evaluate each and every one of them.

Choosing the Best Parts Assembly Process for Various Components

  • Ultrasonic welding uses high frequency vibrations which are then applied to the material with the help of a vibrating tool referred to as a horn or sonotrode. As heat is produced, welding takes place. This technology is fast as well as efficient.
  • Vibration welding is done by rubbing two parts that are made of thermoplastic while being subjected to pressure at a given frequency and amplitude until such time that the polymer melts because of sufficient heat.
  • Spin welding is designed specifically for parts made of circular thermoplastic. The parts are joined together with the help of a circular, spinning motion while the parts are under pressure. One part is fixed while the other one is being rotated while applying pressure. The fiction then creates heat that melts and fuses the parts together which in turn results to a strong and hermetic bond.
  • Thermal processing is an alternative to traditional welding. This process produces less noise and not much particulate during operation. It is highly effective for delicate components.