Precision machining in Toronto takes it one Step higher

April 18, 2018
precision machining toronto

Traditional manufacturing techniques have faced something of a backlash in light of the attention being garnered by additive manufacturing (3D printing) – much of it from the public not fully appreciating both processes.

In the simplest of terms, additive manufacturing produces parts by adding material (usually layer upon layer) to obtain the end product. Whereas subtractive manufacturing, of which precision machining in Toronto is a part, does so by taking off material. Think of it like carving wood: you produce shape by shaving or chiseling away at a block of wood.

In lay understanding, therefore, additive manufacturing is more efficient – or it certainly sounds it. After all, you create with only what you need and no material goes to waste. While that is partly true, it has its drawbacks:


1) yields are low;

2) production times are high; and, something that will be appreciated only by those in the industry,

3) the finishing is just not up to snuff (yes, alluding to the stepped surfaces on 3D printed objects).

‘Subtractive manufacturing’? There is nothing ‘subtractive’ about the precision machining in Toronto which adds value to your business through its high quality parts – and betters your bottom lines with better value.

Which is why CNC is dominant in the industry, and why RWD Tool & Machine is such a dominant force in precision machining in Toronto. Here are some benefits of precision machining:

1. Quality and finish – precision machining in Toronto ensures a smooth and consistent finish. Part after part is produced consistently and accurately. Now whether it’s for aesthetic appeal or a critical small-tolerance component, precision machining can be relied on to produce the product you demand. The finish is close even to the injunction molding.

2. Forget difficult programming – Experts and expertise bring an unmatched level of knowledge to your production process. You merely have to provide your requirements and the rest is managed by a team experienced machinists who have worked on extremely complex parts.

3. Efficiency and flexibility – Precision machining in Toronto is prefaced on efficiency. Our tools – machine and software – are geared to utilizing only that which is required. Moreover, precision machining allows working with a plethora of materials.

Perhaps it is the reason why RWD Tool & Machine is such a tour de force in precision machining in Toronto. We produce high quality parts for such a wide range of industries, and cater to reputable and modern companies, testament to our strict quality control and the breadth of services offered.