Precision Machining in Toronto: The Source for Your Metal Products

February 01, 2018
precision machining in toronto

The production of a great many of the metal objects we use in our daily lives is made possible through precision machining in Toronto. This process is the best option to use when creating custom and complex metal parts. This service is ideal for large-scale manufacturing industries because it can successfully create thousands of identical components for a given application with relative ease – which could not be more crucial for many production lines!   

The team at RWD Tool & Machine understand precision machining from Toronto inside and out.

The machining process is one that works with a wide variety of materials, including steel, graphite, plastics, and glass. Depending on which materials you’re using, and on the size of your project, there are different machining tools worth using – lathes, drill presses, saws, milling machines, grinders, borers, and specialized computer software. Typically, precision machining in Toronto requires the use of CNC machines, which allow for the creation of products with the exact same dimensions each time the machine is activated.


High-quality precision machining calls for the ability to work on extremely specific blueprints through CAD (computer-aided design) programs. These programs can help with creating the blueprints and diagrams needed to produce a product, tool or machine. These blueprints must be strictly followed with great attention to detail to make sure that the final product is a perfect match to its 3D design.


At RWD Tool and Machine, the precision machining from our Toronto facility is of the highest quality possible for our customers. Regardless of the size of project you have, or whether you need a conventional or customized machining job, rest assured that you will receive the best quality in our work. In every project we do, we strive for greatness and excellent customer service, so feel free to contact us today about yours!