State-of-the-Art CNC Machining Toronto for a Wide Range of Industries

November 22, 2013

 When it comes to machining processes and methods, just about everything on a machinist’s workload has been alleviated with cnc machining Toronto. Not only do the CNC machines handle machining operations in one setup but it provides for more accurate and precise generation of work pieces. The CNC machine takes control of tool changing, speed, feed, coolant selection, generation of the motion required for the specific work piece and in some cases, chip removal. It is not only CNC machines that have speeded up the work of machine shops but other new tools introduced by technology like electrical discharge machining, electrochemical machining, electron beam machining, photochemical machining and ultrasonic machining. They have taken over the traditional machining processes in which raw material is cut into a desired shapes and sizes.

What is CNC machining?

CNC means computer numerical control machining which is a relatively new process that allows for increased efficiency with high levels of precision cnc machining Toronto by allowing the computer controls to do all the work. CNC machines are assumed to be expensive but they are actually affordable for the one-stop machine shop with a life guarantee at least 10 years with regular preventive maintenance and inspection of components. For every machining process, there is a counterpart CNC machine like the most popular metal-cutting machines which are the machining centers and turning centers that has replaced the lathes and milling machines. Other popular CNC machines include wire EDM machines in tool rooms, turret punch presses in metal fabrication shops and CNC routers for woodworking.

Various industries where CNC is used

·         Metal removal applications – the machines remove excess metal from raw materials to create complex parts. One good example is the automotive industry where gears, shafts and other complex parts are required from raw materials. All the processes of milling, grinding, turning, boring and reaming can be controlled and carried out by CNC machines and software programs.

·         Metal fabrication industry – industries that require thin plates for various purposes use CNC machining for different machining operations like plasma or flame cutting, laser cutting, shearing, forming and welding to create thin plates. CNC plasma or laser cutters perform the shaping of metal while CNC turret presses are used for operations like punching holes. Bending metal plates is efficiently and precisely done with CNC press brakes.

·         Electrical discharge machining applications – also known as EDMs these machines remove metal from raw material through the production of sparks that burn away excess metal. EDM is carried out in CNC machines in two ways: Wire EDM and Vertical EDM. Wire EDM is used to punch and then die combinations for creating the die sets that will be used in fabrication. Vertical EDM requires the electrode of the same size and shape as the cavity that needs to be carved out.

These are not the only industries that benefit from cnc machining Toronto as the machines have also found their way into woodworking industries for various operations like drilling and routing. CNC technology has also provided precision machining for pharmaceutical industries, railway projects as well as the automotive and aerospace industries.