The Benefits of Machine Tool Probing

January 08, 2019
The Benefits of Machine Tool Probing

There has been a growing demand for greater precision in parts manufacturing. To reach this goal, variability in all manufacturing processes must be reduced—this results in the production of identical parts. A machine tool probe is a useful instrument that you may see in a machine shop in Toronto. It is used to eliminate unwanted inaccuracies at each stage of the machining process. Here’s what a machine tool probe can do:



A machine tool probe can analyze factors that can result in the production of non-conforming parts. These factors include the location of the part, size of the tools and the offsets on the machine.


During Machining

As the machining process progresses, the probe can help identify sources of inaccuracies, such as tool breakage and variation in temperature, and then provide necessary feedback.  


The probe can check the finished machined parts against their required specifications to confirm that everything is in order.

With all of these capabilities, machine tool probing can allow any machine shop in Toronto to deliver parts of the highest quality through high-precision manufacturing. In addition to streamlining machining processes, the probe can also address manufacturing challenges through the following benefits:


Reduced Set-Up Time

Machine settings can be automated with the probe, increasing metal-cutting speed many times faster than with manual processing. This can save a lot of production time.


Greater Efficiency

Manual processing requires human operation, and the downtime that comes with this. Automated in-process probing eliminates this waiting time and ensure smoother operations.


Scrap Reduction

Setting machine tools manually can produce scrap—as much as 20% of output or greater can become scrap. Using a machine tool probe can reduce waste.


Reduced Costs

Hiring skilled operators to run manufacturing machines can come at a high cost. Investing instead in these probes can lead to a great reduction in overall manufacturing costs.


These are some of the many advantages that a probe can give a machine shop in Toronto. We take precision, accuracy and efficiency to heart in the fabrication of our custom tool and machine parts. Get in touch with us today if you want quality products and service to meet your standards!