The Difference A Skilled Metal Fabricator Makes To Your Parts Assembly in Toronto

May 30, 2018
parts assembly in toronto

Parts assembly in Toronto is known to be of a very high quality. In fact, metal fabrication as a whole is an industry that is seen as providing high quality service. Part of this reason is the investment that has been made into keeping shop floors occupied with the best machinery available. Regular upgrades have meant parts assembly in Toronto is performed to the highest accuracies possible, in the shortest time and cost effectively.


And whereas that is an important factor, it may not be the primary reason for the city being as well-known as it is for metal fabrication work.


At RWD Tool, the greatest asset we have are our people. It is their skill with the equipment, and their quest for high quality work that has been the backbone of our quality parts assembly in Toronto.


A metal fabrication shop can invest as much as it wants into the latest and greatest machinery, but it is the skill of the people it employs that will determine the quality of the finished product. We believe strongly in skill development and our fabricators’ expertise adds that final coat of precision – and their passion is what drives client satisfaction.


To illustrate that we share a few simple tips and tricks, that give us the edge in parts assembly in Toronto, straight from the shop floor:


  • When you’re getting into a complex part, think first and cut later. Plan out exactly how you’re going to approach the cut. This may help you reduce the amount of work you need to perform on the part. (and saves on a wasted part!)
  • Drill holes before you cut the material to size. A bigger surface area means more room to grip.
  • Invest in a high quality level. A good level, preferably something that can be adhered to oblong surfaces will go a long way to making your parts assembly in Toronto a neater job. Note: a small deviation at the start can cause compromises further down the chain.