The Key to Creating Custom CNC Machine Parts

October 08, 2020
The Key to Creating Custom CNC Machine Parts

You may have heard of custom CNC machine parts in Toronto many times already but have you ever explored what it really takes to produce those parts? The entire process involves removing materials using high precision machines that use various cutting tools to produce the final design. The kind of CNC machines used to process different geometric shapes includes horizontal milling machines, vertical milling machines as well as lathes. To successfully create those parts, programs such as CAM and CAD are used to dictate to the machine how it should move. 


To produce the geometry needed, the CNC computer controls the speed and the feed rates of the tools in order to manufacture the part.



Here are the essential factors to achieve this project:

The Complexity of the Parts 

If a part can be produced using only two axes, the machining process can be done a lot faster which reduces the overall production cost. Comparably, if the part is more complicated and has several faces or contoured geometry, it is more costly to make as it needs more time for machine setup and cutting. The rule of thumb when creating complex parts is to design them in a way that allows the use of only two axes, as much as possible. 


Material Selection

Material selection is another crucial factor in order to know the overall cost and functionality of the part to be created. It means the designer must define the needed material characteristics for the part, including thermal stability, rigidity, hardness, chemical resistance and so on. Depending on the specific size and geometry of custom CNC machine parts in Toronto, the cost of the material can account for a huge part of the total price. 


Five-Axis Machining

If complicated parts design won’t allow two axes only, then five-axis machining is often used. This system makes it possible to attain the most cost-effective machining. The technology allows the machine to move up to five coordinated movements around multiple axes. As a result, the more efficient production of custom CNC machine parts in Toronto can be achieved with faster cutting speeds, more efficient tool paths, and better finishes.