The Role of CNC in The World of Machining

July 18, 2019
The Role of CNC in The World of Machining

In the world of machining, the word CNC, which stands for computer numerical control, has been trending for many years. Every machine shop in Toronto owns or operates at least one CNC-powered machine. Since this technology was introduced, it has evolved over the years from engraving or cutting shapes out of blank stock or sheet metal during milling or routing process to being able to carve very detailed 3D designs from various materials today.

Thanks to the continued advancement of computer technology, CNC programs are now more capable than ever at processing complex designs with extremely fine detail. CNC is replacing the very bulky and heavy-duty equipment of the old days, paving the way for the use of affordable desktop tools that provide even more accuracy and precision in the machining processes.


As such, CNC has thrived as the workhorse in every machine shop in Toronto today.


From jewelry making to fine furniture and shipbuilding, CNC machines are used to produce parts and products at a scale and rate that are very difficult to achieve with traditional equipment, thanks to the automation and precision they provide.

Even 3D printers, which are the most recent sophisticated innovation made in metalworking, utilizes CNC to determine where its extruder head should move. CNC mostly works with 3-axis machines that move the tool head in three different directions with the help of a lead screw. Some of these machines work with a moving spindle or bed, while others can have both the parts moving to cut through the material.

So, if you are looking for a machine shop in Toronto to work on your project, it is best to consider the capacity of the shop in using CNC machinery. At RWD Tool & Machinery, we make sure our machine shop is equipped with the most advanced CNC technology so that we can continue to provide the best services for our customers.