The Science Behind Precision Machining in Toronto

October 27, 2017
Precision Machining in Toronto

Every component of a structure or equipment, no matter how small, is very critical for the whole mechanism to work. It must be made with exact dimensions as designed without discounting even a millimeter. This is the primary reason why precision machining in Toronto is highly essential. It includes a variety of processes such as lathing, milling, boring, grinding, welding, and more. Machine shops can apply high precision machining to different types of materials including rubber, plastics, glass, leather, and metals. Along with the variations of processes and materials is the use of various equipment and tools as well for more efficiency.


In order to ensure high precision machining in Toronto, the use of CNC technology is in demand. It employs advanced processes of cutting, welding, and finishing to achieve the highest degree of accuracy of the designed parts. Using CNC machines also allows for quick and easy replication of end product prototypes. They deliver accurate results by reducing the chance of human error, thus producing higher quality and defect-free machined parts. But what really determines the level of precision being achieved?


There are three critical elements involved: accuracy, resolution, and repeatability.


The accuracy of the system is affected by the resolution, computer control algorithms, and machine inaccuracies. Repeatability refers to the capability of a positioning system and is measured by the errors in connection with the programmed point. Other major contributing factors in machining inaccuracy include machine tool chatter, cutting tool deflection, and thermal deformations. All these elements work together to achieving precision machining in Toronto to manufacture even the smallest and the most intricate pieces that constitute a final product.     


Many industries heavily rely on this process for the required precision pieces and components for a sustainable production line. RWD Tool and Machine Ltd. is the leader in providing high precision machining in Toronto. Our CNC machining processes are subjected to a strict quality control to produce only the superior and defect-free products. We ensure delivery of best metal fabrication solutions for your project through our dedicated team of engineering professionals.