Understanding The Process of Manufacturing CNC Machine Parts In Toronto

June 14, 2018
manufacturing cnc machine parts

In the era of CNC machining and 3D printing, astute planning of each process lights up the path towards a successful end. Like any other project, manufacturing CNC machining parts in Toronto requires proper planning on how each component will fall in place, with the stakeholders being allocated adequate resources throughout the process. At RWD Tool and Machine, we pride ourselves in manufacturing quality CNC machine parts in Toronto.


When planning to manufacture CNC machine parts in Toronto, this involves these four critical steps:


Determination and Acquisition

The pre-fabrication phase of a custom machining project involves choosing the right materials for the project. Once the right materials for the project have been identified, the required amount of the material is obtained.


Engineering Phase

With a general idea of what you’d like to fabricate, a drawing, a sketch, or picture should be made, indicating dimensions and specifications. Engineering expertise is required for this phase as it determines the accuracy and preciseness of the end products. The engineer should help you determine the right angles, dimensions and other details related to the end product of your design.


Machining Phase

Using the drawing, sketch or picture of your product, it is then transformed into a softcopy prototype in order for a CNC system to understand how to create it. Afterwards, the CNC system cuts the acquired material into shape and size as specified in the prototype. In this phase, machining, boring, sheering and bending may be involved in transforming the prototype to the end product.


Finishing Phase

Once machining has been completed, the fabricated product is then polished into the desired texture, color and fineness. Common processes involved in this phase relate to color anodizing, black oxidation and zinc plating.


At RWD Tool and Machine, we understand that manufacturing CNC machine parts Toronto is a complex job, which is why we employ the best staff and technology to get the job done. If you’re looking to get machine parts for whatever industrial application you may have, get in touch with us today!