What It Takes To Get The Best Precision Machining in Toronto

June 07, 2018
precision machining in toronto

Getting precision machining in Toronto depends on a number of factors. Contrary to the popular belief that the latest machines will automatically yield the tightest of tolerances consistently, precision fabrication is a function of thorough design, operator skill, the calibration and programming of CNC machines and good old experience.


Precision machining in Toronto will yield the best results and the tightest of tolerances only if the trinity of machine, human and knowledge are in harmony.


In this article we discuss what you should look for in a metal fabrication shop to get precision machining in Toronto. And here’s a clue: the advent of CNC machines has not reduced operator skill, rather the skill in programming the machine and planning out the cut have become even more essential. At the fore, then, can it be said that over-emphasis on any one facet of a machine shop will only lead to disappointing results in precision machining in Toronto.


Design First – Anyone with experience machining parts will know that precision machining in Toronto starts with good design. We call it ‘design first’: be thorough in design, follow good design principles and you will have taken one of the most important steps to getting precision machining in Toronto. Good design and forethought to how parts will be cut and joined will also reduce inefficient production techniques, reduce wasted material and enhance the finished quality of the build.


Skilled operators – Whereas CNC machines can achieve hitherto unimagined levels of precision machining in Toronto – with extremely accurate cutting, milling and polishing – to be able to get the best out of them requires experience, skill and training. When working with very small tolerances, machine configuration becomes paramount. Simply ‘starting’er up and going’ will get you uneven results; instead, following warm-up routines and understanding how the machine behaves during the course of a cut is essential.


Tool intricacies – Tools are made to a high degree of precision themselves, but precision machining in Toronto means even minor variations or deviations in tool specifications can lead to inconsistent results. Tool makers prefer to leave a little headroom, i.e. cut too little rather than cut too much. Of course, on the minute precision machining in Toronto scales we’re talking about, this is imperceptible to all but the most skilled of fabricators.


Calibration – Precision machining in Toronto begins with machine calibration. Any time a machine has been transported, serviced, reconfigured or has had its software upgraded, a re-calibration of the tool is essential to getting perfect results. Minor shifts in the equipment, which may not seem much at the time, can adversely affect precision machining in Toronto expectations.