Why Precision Matters in Every Fabrication Project – Reliable Machine Shop in Toronto

June 05, 2018
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Precision in engineered products forms an integral part of today’s business, safety standards and quality of life. An experienced engineering team at a modern machine shop in Toronto can be a key asset for any company with large scale and demanding projects, especially if the work has to meet and exceed the required manufacturing and assembly standards.


With a reliable machine shop in Toronto as a fabrication, machining and assembly partner, your enterprise can secure precise assembly with expert advice, no wasted materials, and fast turnaround time.


Perfect interlocking

Machined parts are often designed to interlock with other components making the machine or system. A perfect interlock between the components and the already assembled parts is critical to the success of the entire project. Although the component might comply with the required standards, it may not perfectly interlock with the accompanying parts.

Size matching and compatibility

Another critically important test of accuracy is the ability of a component to perfectly match the size of a replacement part of a system. Low precision components are often larger or smaller, and so less compatible with the existing engineered parts. As a consequence, their operation becomes more strained, less effective and at times unusable in a given project.

Prevents damages and breakages

Low precision machined components are often more harmful to the existing components. They may damage the existing systems or even lead to breakages of the accompanying parts. Low precision ball bearings, for example, can have more damaging effects on the components where they are used than otherwise.

At RWD Tool, we understand the importance of high precision and customization in making your project a success. To replicate the same results over and over in every project and at any scale, we deploy advanced skills and machines to provide industrial-grade, high quality projects and results for any business.


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