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Machining in Toronto is a highly competitive field. In order to figure out where to get the best machining services, you need to be familiar with the industry. A broad range of methods and techniques are being undertaken by shops specializing in machining in Toronto to ensure that the processes become more cost effective for industries. Classic machining methods such as cutting, lathing, welding, grinding, milling, and drilling are used in conjunction with modern technological methods to eliminate downtime and error. During the material removal process, unwanted material is removed with these various techniques to achieve a desired shape, size, and complexity.


If you are looking for parts assembly in Toronto and the GTA, contact RWD Tool & Machine LTD. Our experienced staff excel in machining services. There are a lot of processes to choose from when looking for parts assembly in Toronto and choosing one can be challenging. There are many options to choose from such as heat and friction, adhesive methods, and mechanical fasteners – all of these present diverse advantages. While traditional welding is the most popular method for parts assembly in Toronto, there are emerging alternatives. When it comes to parts assembly methods in Toronto, there are several technologies at one’s disposal such as spin welding, laser welding, ultrasonic welding, thermal processing, vibration welding, and hot plate welding. Each of these technologies are designed for specific applications, thus the need to evaluate each and every one of them.


In order to find a great source of CNC machine parts in Toronto one needs to understand how CNC technology works. The main difference between normal equipment found in a machine shop and CNC machines is the software used and a control console which is unlike any other. CNC, or computer numerical control, allows for the automation of most standard equipment. This saves hours of manual labor and decreases the chance of errors significantly. Many machine shops are now integrating CNC technology in their existing machines such as lathing, drilling, and milling equipment. 


CNC Machining in Toronto achieves high productivity with maximum accuracy. CNC is an automation process which converts CAD designs into numerical coordinates. The coordinates are plotted into controlled movements of cutting tools in the machine. CNC machining is a very dependable way of ensuring efficiency and precision in the manufacture of various products. 


Every modern machining shop in Toronto places priority on the quality of its metal cutting tools. Keeping tools up to date ensures efficiency and reduces costs. When it comes to high speed machining, paying particular attention to tools with fast metal removal rates is key to success. Capable cutting tools are defined by accuracy and precision. The personnel who work the tools, whether manual or CNC, are a defining feature of a quality Toronto machining shop. They must be able to take on any project with knowledge and expertise.